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Nowadays it’s not enough to be just good to survive on the market. In any area, any service you provide, there always is someone else competing with you for the customers.

Not only you have to fight for new customers, but keeping the ones you already have as well, having an opportunity to predict if customer has intentions to stop using your service may be a great help.

This is where machine learning algorithms come into play.

This blog post describes my way of solving such type of a problem as a part of Udacity Data Science Nanodegree project: predicting…


Since the ancient times when gladiators have been fighting for crowd’s amusement, bread and circuses hardly ever lost its popularity. Turned out I am not an exception. I started watching UFC events three years ago and from the very first fight (apart from great empathy for every single punch received) it’s been so much fun.

As many of you may know, UFC is a MMA promotion, probably the most popular and successful one. About 40 events are held every year, 10–12 fights in different wight classes per event.

After watching hundred of fights or so, reasonable question appears. What if…


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